Behind the Paste: Sensodyne®
Ingredients & How They Work

Not all toothpastes are right for people with tooth sensitivity. Sensodyne is specifically made to help relieve and protect against sensitivity,* deliver cavity protection, and leave behind a lasting fresh taste. Here’s a look at three ingredients found in different Sensodyne products and how they work to protect sensitive teeth so you can enjoy the things you love with confidence.

Potassium Nitrate Helps Soothe Sensitivity Pain

Potassium nitrate helps prevent the nerves in your teeth from sending pain signals—triggered by certain stimuli, like hot coffee or ice water—to your brain. It is known as a nerve-calming ingredient because it soothes the nerves in your teeth as you brush, and is found in Sensodyne® Deep Clean and Sensodyne® True White® toothpastes.

Stannous Fluoride Builds a Protective Layer

By forming a robust layer over the exposed, softer, inner part of the tooth called dentin, stannous fluoride works like a shield for your sensitive teeth. This layer helps prevent stimuli, like hot and cold liquids, from reaching the nerves and causing pain. Both Sensodyne® Complete Protection® and Sensodyne® Repair and Protect® toothpastes contain stannous fluoride.

Fluoride Protects Against Cavities 

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay, and, according to the American Dental Association, can even help remineralize weakened tooth enamel. Once enamel is worn down, the dentin layer underneath becomes exposed and more susceptible to sensitivity. Sensodyne toothpastes contain sodium fluoride or stannous fluoride.

With formulations specifically designed to provide lasting protection and sensitivity relief,* Sensodyne is the #1 dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth.


*With twice daily brushing

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