Sensitivity Protection and Whitening: Experience the Sensodyne® True White® Difference.

When it comes to achieving a whiter, brighter smile, there are plenty of options available. There are dental treatments such as bleaching and laser whitening, as well as over-the-counter options such as teeth-whitening strips and toothpastes that you can use at home.


Whitening toothpastes are a convenient, affordable, and practical option for anyone looking to enhance their smile. However, as home-care teeth-whitening solutions become more popular and readily available, finding the right brand can be a challenge. Knowing and understanding how they work can help you make the right decision. Essentially, there are two things you should know about whitening toothpastes:


There are abrasives in most whitening toothpastes. Abrasives scrub stains away similar to the way you would scrub a dish clean. But high-abrasive toothpastes can wear away the enamel on your teeth over time. This can expose the softer layer of dentin underneath, leading to dentin sensitivity, also called tooth sensitivity.


Many whitening toothpastes also contain chemicals that remove surface stains from your teeth. Some whitening toothpastes also contain ingredients that bleach your teeth every time you use them.

If you are among the tens of millions of American adults who suffer from sensitive teeth, you don’t have to choose between sensitivity relief and whiter teeth. Look for a toothpaste with low-abrasivity that also offers whitening. Pick a solution that will clean and protect your teeth from sensitivity.

Sensodyne True White, a breakthrough in whitening for sensitive teeth, provides sensitivity relief* and whiter teeth in a less abrasive formulation than many leading toothpastes**, so brushing will be much gentler on the sensitive areas of your teeth.



*With twice daily brushing.
**Based on Relative Dentin Abrasivity testing against 15 products in the top 80% of the whitening toothpaste market.



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