Takeaways from Sensitivity Suite

Sensodyne® True White® is proven to help relieve tooth sensitivity*, while providing a whiter smile.* That’s why we created Sensodyne® True White® Sensitivity Suite events to share information about the product and to hear what others thought about it. Teaming up with 11 dental hygienists, more than 2,000 consultations were made at the Sensitivity Suite between Miami and New York. Check out the five key takeaways.



*with twice daily brushing

Take the Sensodyne Online Check Up

Take the Sensodyne® Online Check Up

Do hot, cold, or sugary foods cause sudden, sharp pains? You may have tooth sensitivity. Take the Sensodyne® Online Check Up to find out about sensitive teeth and the products that can help you.

Take the Sensodyne® Online Check Up

Sensodyne Repair and Protect Whitening

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